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Signs of Gambling Addiction

If you find that playing online casino games is taking over your life or you are unable to control your impulses and are compelled to gamble even when it negatively affects the way you function, you may have be addicted to gambling. Even a single sign of gambling addiction should not be ignored and smart players are the ones who know when to stop.

Online casinos offer a number of ways for you to play responsibly and at the first sign of gambling addiction you can seek help with ease. If you are not sure whether you are developing a problem take a look at these signs that you are addicted:

Being Unable to Resist the Urge to Gamble

A clear sign of gambling addiction is not being able to stop, or resist the urge to keep going even when you shouldn’t, or you have exceeded your budget. Despite fighting the urge to play you find yourself back at the blackjack table or playing another slots game.

Betting More All the Time

In order to attain the same high, many players bet bigger as they play in order to get the same thrill. Much like an alcoholic needs to drink more or a drug addict needs to up their dose; problem gamblers are always chasing their next high.

Trying to Win Money Back

A very clear indicator or sign of gambling addiction is to keep trying to win back your losses, even when you can’t afford to. The conviction that your next big win is just around the corner is misguided and you will no doubt end up losing more.

Borrowing Money

If you need to borrow money to gamble or to pay bills as you have used up your budget already and are now in the red, you definitely have a problem. A sure sign of gambling addiction is going in to debt to fund your habit and then trying to borrow money to either win it back or to cover your expenses and play more.

Lying about your Gambling

If you ever find yourself lying about your gambling habits the chances are you have an addiction. Lying to co-workers, family, friends or your partner is a dangerous path and can only lead to further issues, potential problems at work, divorce or alienation from your peers.

Stealing to Gamble

If you steal or commit fraud in an attempt to stop your financial situation from deteriorating, or if you need to resort to desperate measures in order to fund your habit, this is a sure sign of gambling addiction. If you get caught you may go to prison, but for gamblers who are unable to control themselves, this consequence is not clear in their mind.

Gambling to Forget

Gambling is relaxing and enjoyable but if you gamble to forget or to avoid emotional situations you need to seek help. When gambling becomes more than a fun pastime and a form of escapism you should consider getting help.

Gambling responsibly is something every player should strive to do and its essential that if you feel yourself developing bad habits that you seek assistance. There are many ways to address a gambling addiction and professional assistance and support is always at hand.