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Go Bananas Online Video Slot for US Players

Go Bananas is colorful and animated online video slot produced by Net Entertainment. The theme of this slot is based on animals of the jungle, specifically monkeys, apes and all kinds of furry primates. The game is available online in the USA and many internationally online Casinos.

In this game players will encounter some quirky looking characters that swing from trees and love to eat bananas. The backdrop to the game is a jungle treehouse where all the lovable and furry banana eating monkeys reside. The cartoon like graphics are sharp, clear and blend well with the theme of the game. Combined with the smooth animation, high quality sound effects and realistic jungle background track, all work together to produce an exciting and entertaining slot game.

A 5 Reel Jungle Themed Slot

In Go Bananas, the slot setup is based on Net Entertainment’s tried and tested arrangement of 5 reels with 20 paylines. The game itself is slightly different to many modern video slots in that it does not offer free spins or any kind of bonus round. Instead the slot producers have decided to go with the idea of introducing multiple wild symbols. Each wild symbol is transferable to other symbols in adjacent reels. On the reels, players will find a host of symbols all relating to monkeys or the jungle in some way.

Go Bananas High Paying Symbols

Some of the highest paying symbols in this game include a large ruby gemstone, a carved monkey idol, a monkey money clip holding a wad of cash, a set of monkey bongo drums and a bowl of fruit. In Go Bananas, players in the USA can bet from one up to 20 paylines on every spins.

The lower paying symbols in this game are all types of fruit. Some of the lower paying symbols include an orange, a pineapple, a coconut, a lemon and a grape. In order to create a winning combination, players must match up similar symbols on an active payline.

Five Wild Monkey Symbols

In Go Bananas, the wild symbol is the main feature of the game. There is one main wild symbol in this game, that being the golden banana symbol. This wild symbol acts as a regular wild which means that it can be used to replace any of the other standard high or low paying symbols to create a winning payline. To add to the golden banana wild symbol, the game also employs the use of five additional monkey wilds. The use of these wilds is what separates this games from other slots.

Transferring Wild symbol and There Patterns

The first wild monkey in Go Bananas to look out for is the Gorilla. He can turn five additional reel symbols wild in an x type pattern. The next wild symbol to keep an eye on is the wild orangutan. She can turn four additional reel symbols wild in a box type pattern.

The third wild monkey is the wild baboon, if he lands on the reels, he will turn three adjacent reel symbols wild in an up and down pattern. The fourth wild monkey is the wild langur. This smiling fellow can also turn 3 adjacent symbols wild in a side to side pattern. The final wild monkey is the wild tarsier. This little guy can turn two adjacent symbols wild in either an up or down or side to side pattern.