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Aliens Touch 3D Online Slots Game

When it comes to online slots games, it is not uncommon to see a number of themes centered on those of popular culture trends. This is evident in the likes of games like Aliens Touch, created in conjunction with 20th Century Fox, and forming part of the iconic Alien movie franchise.

This game has become incredibly popular, largely due to the real time 3D graphics displayed throughout. After being taken through an introduction that makes them feel as though they really have been submerged into the world of aliens, and not at all as though they have been playing a video slot, players will also be met with a number of features and levels that makes the game distinguishable from the rest.

3 Differing Game Levels

Aliens Touch has three different levels for players within the USA to work their way through. Each level represents a new potential for a win. The first level, called The Search, requires players to find the highest multipliers with which to fill the Alien Activity Meter up with. The second level, entitled The Encounter, affords players the chance to win from the first spin. The third and final level, called The Hive, offers players a reward of up to five re-spins. During this level, the Queen Hive can be destroyed, which could result in a massive bonus.

Game Features

Aside from the out of this world graphics that Aliens Touch has on offer, the game also offers its players a number of features. This game moves very quickly, and with this, comes bonus levels as the game progresses. Furthermore, extra features like wild symbols (which fill in for symbols missing from a winning combination), free spins and multipliers could appear at any point in the game. Not only do these add to the thrill of the game, they also provide a platform for players to enhance their winnings on.

NetEnt Software and Support

As with all online video slots games available to players in the USA, Aliens Touch also has a support helpline on offer for those who run into technical difficulties. While the game is fairly easy to understand and to navigate through, every once in a while, the chance of technical difficulties presents itself. However, should this be the case, players will be able to reach out to the technical support team on the other side of the game, all of whom are trained to deal with any and all queries to help players’ experiences run as smoothly as possible.

Developed by NetEnt, Aliens Touch’s other worldly theme is carried throughout this online video slots game. There are plenty of features, graphics and levels to keep players entertained from the start to the end of this game, and should players unlock each level and defeat the Hive Queen, they are sure to walk away with a significant payout. All in all, it has everything a player needs in order to ensure an enjoyable experience, whether it be from a computer or mobile device.