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Sources For Help With Math Homework For 7th Grade Students

Math doesn’t come easy for everyone, but students nowadays have an easy way to get extra help. The internet is full of resources for any type of math homework whether it be simple or advanced mathematics. Here are five of the best resources out there to help with 7th grade math students.

  1. IXL Math. IXL is a website designed to help students self-study at home. It can be used specifically for what the student wants to review, or be used as a fully online mathematics course. Features include:
    • Personalized study: Problems that are difficult or answered wong will be repeated, and problems that are too easy are automatically skipped.
    • Feedback: When a question is answered wrong, it will be explained thoroughly both with words and pictures.
    • Motivation: Points are awarded for progress, and students or classrooms can start competitions to reward those who study the most.

  2. Khan Academy. Khan Academy started on YouTube to help the young people of the word have better access to math education. It it’s a series of video classes on any topic that could be covered in 7th grade. Features include:
    • Entertaining: Video lecture format with related tutorials.
    • Meets School Standards: Khan Academy has courses that directly match curriculum in U.S. middle schools.
    • Social Media: Sign up through Facebook or Google+ to share results and brag to friends. Or, just use those options as a way to streamline logins.

  3. PhotoMath. PhotoMath is an app optimized for smartphones and tablets that helps students understand the reasoning behind a solution.
    • Homework Help: If the teacher’s explanation is lacking, get more practice using this app. It not only helps find the answer, but also goes through each step that leads to it.
    • Easy Access: Since nearly everyone has a smartphone, it not much work to add this simple app to help with homework.
    • Free: This app is free of charge!

  4. MathHelp. MathHelp is a virtual classroom where students can get personal tutoring from a real teacher.
    • Personalized: This site gives only one teacher per student, and each class is made specifically for the student.
    • Speed: If there is only a few weeks until a major test, the personal tutoring aspect of this site speeds up results quite dramatically.
    • Fun: Their style of math education is self-paced and not at all boring. Students who enjoy studying have much better results

  5. Teachers at school. This is the low-tech source for 7th grade math help. Students should never be afraid to go to a teacher - any math teacher at school, and ask for help. Most students find that their teachers are eager to help anyone who comes and asks!
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