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How To Motivate A 6 Year Old To Do Homework: 5 Helpful Tricks For Parents

Getting a child to do their homework is never an easy task. For parents, schoolwork encompasses hours of cajoling, begging and bribing their child to pay attention. To get a head start on schoolwork and reduce the stress, parents should use some of the following tips.

Use a Whiteboard

In some ways, young children can be easily motivated to succeed. A basic whiteboard can work wonders on getting a student interested in doing their assignments. On the whiteboard, parents should write out each assignment that must be done that day. Next to each assignment, the parent should draw a sad face. Once the assignment is complete, parents can change the sad face into a happy face. Although this motivational technique seems unbelievably basic, it is actually one of the best ways to get the six-year-old child to focus. They will not like having sad faces on their list, so they will put in the work to change all of the frowns into smiles.

Bust Out the Stickers

For an additional motivation techniques, parents can always try to use stickers. Children love them and will do a lot to get their sticker for the day. As most parents know, stickers can quickly become an unbelievably awful mess. Rather than allowing the child to place a sticker anywhere, the parent should give them a sticker book where they can put all of their awards. Later, the child can flip through this book and see all of their awards for completing assignments.

Choose the Right Time of Day

Although most children can do schoolwork right after they return home, this is not the right time for everyone. Some children need to play or have a snack before they start their work. It is up to the parent to figure out the time when their student is best able to focus.

Remove Distractions

Children are just as easily distracted as adults, so televisions and mobile devices should be turned off. If there is enough space, parents should set up an office area that is exclusively used for doing schoolwork.

Make Schoolwork Fun

Completing an assignment or studying does not have to be boring. Parents can use games to motivate their child. With a game, the student has to complete one or two problems before they can take their next move. This type of technique can also be used for studying. By using a game, parents can make homework time more enjoyable and more productive for their student.

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