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Social Studies Homework Ideas: 7 Points To Consider

Social studies might not be your favorite subject or you may not even know what to expect from it. Students are eager to learn new concepts and read about the world they are surrounded by but it is difficult for them to concentrate on a subject that is monotonous. Social studies talks about numerous dates and names in history, which can be a tough call for a beginner. They cannot relate to the events or understand the basic concept behind a certain chapter being a part of their syllabus because it does not affect their life. It is the responsibility of both the students and the teacher to make the subject interesting and fun. You cannot simply concentrate on something for long if it is least appealing to you

Let us explore seven interesting ways together to make social studies homework easier and fun to do

  1. Put yourself in the situation
  2. When reading about a famous event in history, do not just cram the names and the dates but also try to understand the significance of the situation. If the civil war occurred, what were the reasons and what impact does it have on our everyday lives now. What would you have done if you were the president of the states or leading the movement? This allows you to have an insight on the event and make the situation better

  3. Make a word wall
  4. You can list down the alphabets from A to Z and make a word wall for the corresponding events in your syllabus. This will help you do a fun activity as well as memorize the events with their names and dates. You can also add a little detail to each to make it more interesting

  5. Ask your teacher to recommend you a movie
  6. Plenty of movies have been featured on world war, Black Death, war of independence and the civil rights movement etc. You can ask your teacher to suggest you a good movie about the subject so that you can relate to it

  7. Guess game
  8. Write the dates, events, and important characteristics of each event on different colored papers and guess which event it represents from your syllabus

  9. Teach someone
  10. If you do not have a student to teach, you can consider practicing in front of a mirror. You will learn better, when you are the teacher yourself

  11. Start on time
  12. Search the internet
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