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Help Me Do My Statistics Homework For Free: Vital Assistance For High School Students

For some students, Statistics Homework is really easy but for the rest of us we could probably do with a little bit of help. You may feel that the only option open to you is to get a private tutor, but that can end up very expensive.There are options:

  1. First of all make sure that you know what your difficulty is in other words be sure of what the homework question actually is. This is important if you are looking at a particular aspect that you find difficult.
  2. Talk to your tutor have the same difficulty they put aside part of the lesson to go over some of the issues. They may be able to give you an extra bit of help or if enough students in your group all are experiencing the same difficulty
  3. Your school may have an organised afterschool homework club. This may be a good opportunity for arranging a ‘statistics’ homework club, so there is a group of you working together. If the school’s homework club is supervised by a teacher then ask them if they are able to help.
  4. If you feel that you have a real difficulty with Math/Statistics then go along to your School’s Learning Support department. You will get individual support to help you with your homework. But make sure that if you go for this option that you sign up for it as soon as possible as this department can get very busy.
  5. You may have a friend outside of school who is good at Statistics who can help you. Or you may even have a brother or sister who can help.
  6. Have a look online for sites that specialise in different areas of the curriculum. They will probably have some statistics tutorials that you can tap into and sometimes they will have tutors that can answer your questions or provide support in real time. This service is usually free.
  7. There are other help websites that you may have to sign up for. If this is the case then make sure that they are free. If they ask for card or bank details then they are not free! These homework websites may provide the service of a tutor that you can contact (for a limited time) by email or you may even be able to Skype.
  8. For some more free help with statistics have a look online for video tutorials. These are usually presented by tutors or by students who are passing on their knowledge.
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